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10 August
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I'm not entirely sure what to write here, so? Let's see what I can get.

I'm Silbena, I'm a brazilian. I get really emotionally involved with fictional characters, I like RPing and playing video games and reading manga. I love Pokemon and I love Shuuen no Shiori.

I love plushies and I spend too much time cuddling them. I also spend way too much time thinking about fictional characters and creating little universes for them or elaborating their canon universes.

My favorite Pokemon gen was the 5th one - I got really attached to the characters and the story, and the Pokemon really grew on me a lot. The sixth one is a good competition, though, because I thought the story was so cute and I love a lot of the new Pokemon.

I'll stop over here, and add more if I can think of anything? Yep!